Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy Software

If you are someone looking for a secret way to monitor anyone – your son maybe, your daughter, your husband, or perhaps your employees, what you need is phone spy software, especially mobistealth mobile phone spy Software. Mobistealth is all-in-one mobile spy software which can easily track a cell phone online.


Advanced Tracking and Monitoring Features of Mobistealth

  • Real-Time and Historical Location Tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Spy Call (listen live to cell phone surroundings)
  • Video and Picture data
  • Email and Text Message Log tracking
  • Web History tracking
  • Phone book access
  • SIM Change Notification

Real-time and Historical Location Tracking.

With this feature, you will be able to track both the current and previous Full GPS locations of the mobile phone to where you installed the software.

Call recording.

With this advanced feature, not only will you be able to listen to all calls (incoming and outgoing calls), but also record all calls. This is a great advantage for you if you are someone trying to find a solid evidence to prove something like cheating spouse, dishonest children, and others.

Spy Call.

Spy CallThis feature will allow you to listen live in the surroundings of the mobile to where the software is installed. All you have to do to activate this feature is send a special message to the target mobile phone. The target mobile phone where the software is installed will answer your call without giving any sign of incoming call. This way, you’ll be able to listen to its surrounding environment giving you an idea of where the owner of the phone is currently located.

Video and Picture tracking .

This feature will allow you to view and even download all videos and photos snapped and downloaded on the phone.

Email and Text Message Log Tracking.

This feature will allow you to monitor all emails and text messages received and sent to the mobile phone. Even if the user of the phone deletes his messages, you will still be able to monitor and view those deleted messages with this feature!

Web History tracking.

This feature will allow you to keep track and monitor of all websites visited by the phone’s web browser.

Phone book access.

This feature will allow you to access all contacts saved in the phone’s memory. Details include name and number.

SIM Change Notification

This feature will inform you as soon as the mobile phone changed its SIM card and the best part is, it will even tell you the new SIM’s details including carrier and number!

How Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy Software Works?

Mobistealth works silently. You can do all tracking and monitoring of any mobile phone discreetly. Once installed on the target mobile phone, you can start tracking and monitoring all of its activities 24/7 from your online data viewing account which you set up at the time of purchase. It’s not free, you need to choose the best subscription option that is right for you, so you must check the features on the standard version as well as the Pro version and pick the one that suitable for your needs.

The Benefits of an Android Keylogger

Android KeyloggerIn 2012, a study has proven that most young people under the age bracket of 8 to 16 years old are spending at least 5-8 hours on the web and they are using their smartphones in accessing the Internet. In order to limit their time on the web, concerned parents are using various types of android keylogger applications that have the ability to block certain functions on the phone they are monitoring. These android keylogger apps can also track the whereabouts of their kids and the location of the phone is presented on a 3D map. This feature is handy especially during emergency situations where parents want to reach their kids in the least possible time.

There’s also the threat of online predators that are always on the lookout for children on social networking sites. So, if you want to protect the welfare of your kids, then the best tool you have is an android keylogger software that can track sites that he/she has visited. However, these apps are not free and you need to purchase at least the basic license from its vendor, in order to use the full potential of the spy software. You should also install the app directly on the phone that you’re planning to monitor. Once the app is installed, it will become invisible and you know that it’s there. The phone user has no idea that you’re already tracking all his/her activity on the phone.

The standard features of an android spy app will include viewing photos and videos, tracking URL, monitoring SMS messages, recording actual phone conversations, blocking several of the phone’s function and you can even blacklist certain phone numbers, so that particular number won’t be able to contact your target phone. Another thing you should understand is the fact that these apps are not free and you will need to purchase the software to use it.

The common cost for an android keylogger app will range from $500-$200, depending on the subscription options you pick and the type of features you need. But for all its benefits, it’s just a small price to pay!

How to Choose the Right Phone Spy Software

mobile spyChoosing the right phone spy software is actually a pretty easy job, but still, a lot of people who were in the market for it made the same buying mistake – buying the wrong product. And the reason for the mistake? Not knowing what really to look for when choosing cell phone spy software.

Avoid making the same mistake by knowing what you want for in a cell phone spy software. If you know what you want, it will be easy for you to have a successful buying experience – buying the right phone spy software the first time. And remember, it is important to buy the right product the first time so you prevent having to spend more money just because the Phone spy software you bought doesn’t have the features you need. Also, it is important so you can save yourself from going through the hassles of installing the phone spy software again. Let us help you with this task by giving you some useful tips.

Tip # 1. Know Your Reason for wanting to spy on a Cell Phone.

It is most important to know your reason for wanting to spy on a Phone. Is your reason is spy on your teenage children to know what their activities are? Or is it to spy on your to spy on your spouse who you suspect of having an affair? Or perhaps you want to track your company’s sales representatives and their communication with the customers? Whatever your reason, you must know and understand what it is.

Another reason why it is important to know your reason for wanting to spy on a mobile phone device is because your reason is where you will have to base the type of Phone Spy Software that you have to buy. If you know your reason, it will be easy for you to choose the features you need and avoid being distracted by other features that are not important.

Tip # 2. Know What You Want Out of Phone Spy Software.

Once you know your reason for wanting to spy on phone, it is time you know what you OUT of your Phone Spy Software. Or say, what you want your Phone Spy software to give you; Is it the GPS location of your troubled teen child? Or is it the messages of your husband? Whatever “evidence” you want to collect and have access to, it is important to know what it is/ what those are.

Tip # 3. Understand that You Can Buy what You Need and not the entire software package.

After knowing your reason for wanting to spy on a cell phone and exactly what you want your software to provide you (GPS location, text messages, call history….), it is also important that you know you do not have to spend $200 just for text messages if that is only what you need. I mean you do not have to go PRO and spend $200 for text messages. The basic type will do enough for you.

A lot of buyers did not know this so they spent a lot of money for more features and results that they did not need. It is always too late when they realise this mistake. Avoid doing the same.

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